10 utsagn

Thomas Mann, senior fellow in governance studies athe Brookings Institution

”I see the damage to our system and our sense of ourselves as a democratic people as really quite substantial… The consequences of both the policies and the processes have been more destructive of our national interest and our democratic institutions than any president I know.”
Thomas Mann, senior fellow in governance studies athe Brookings Institution

”I think evangelicals really don’t like democracy much at all, especially when it’s not going their way.”
”Deep Faith”, anonym kilde i Rick Perlsteins artikkel ”Sucking Democracy Dry”, Village Voice

”Let’s just say that it’s an amazing step that we could all agree that we need to promote voting as part of punk.”
Thomas Barnett fra bandet Strike Anywhere

”If You See Something, Say Something”
Tittel for Craig Kalpakjians utstilling på Andrea Rosen Gallery

”I felt humiliated, but I had nothing to kill myself with.”
Irakisk fange i vitneavhør i rettsak mot fangevokter fra Abu Ghraib-fengselet i Irak

Sprayet på en lyktestolpe på Houston Street

”If you’re looking for sunshine, Florida is the place to go. If you’re looking for votes, Florida is the place to go.”
George W. Bush, i en tale i Port Richey, Florida

”This year’s winner of Family Circle magazine’s presidential cookie bake-off has been decided, and if the contes’s past results foretell the future, President Bush will be re-elected. Most readers preffered Laura Bush’s oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies over the rival pumpkin spice cookies. But there’s a a glitch: The pumpkin cookies were not Teresa Heinz Kerry’s. When her recipe for easy-to-make oatmeal crunchies was rejected, a member of her staff submitted someone else’s recipe for pumpkin cookies. The oatmeal crunchies would probably not have won either. All previous winners contain chocolate.”
Fra notis i The New York Times

”Don’t steal The government hates competition”
T-skjorte til salgs på St. Marks Place