New Editor-in-Chief at Kunstkritikk

Ingvild Krogvig has been appointed acting editor-in-chief of Kunstkritikk. She picks up the mantle after Jonas Ekeberg, who has headed Kunstkritikk during the last four years.

Ingvild Krogvig. Foto: Mariann Enge.
Ingvild Krogvig. Foto: Mariann Enge.

The board of directors of Stiftelsen Kunstkritikk has appointed Ingvild Krogvig as acting editor of Kunstkritikk. She succeeds Jonas Ekeberg, who has been in charge of Kunstkritikk during the last four years.

Ingvild Krogvig holds a degree in Art History from the University of Oslo (2009); her master’s thesis was about Norwegian conceptual art from the 1970s. Before her recent appointment Krogvig held the position as the Norwegian editor of Kunstkritikk. Her previous work includes positions as regular contributor and critic for Morgenbladet, Billedkunst, Vagant, and Kunstkritikk. She has also been a freelance editor and written a range of catalogue essays and scientific articles, most recently “Lyden fra den lysende treboksen: Arne Nordheims TV-kunst på 1960- og 70-tallet” (“The Sound of the Luminous Tube: Arne Nordheim’s TV Art from the 1960s and ‘70s”) in Arne Nordheim: Ingen -ismer for meg, takk! and “The rise and fall of Norwegian abstraction in the 20s” in Elektromagnetic: Modern Art in Northern Europe 1918-31.

– Under the editorial leadership of Jonas Ekeberg Kunstkritikk has gone from being a project to become something of an institution, experiencing great economic and geographical growth. It is only natural that the next stage will aim for consolidation rather than further expansion. The objective is to hone our critical profile, raise awareness of Kunstkritikk in the general public, and hopefully attract even more readers. We wish to closely follow current events and developments on the Norwegian and Nordic art scenes, but we also wish to strengthen our dialogue with international audiences. So our first specific project is to boost our international edition,, says Ingvild Krogvig.

Ingvild Krogvig has been appointed acting editor-in-chief until 1 October 2014.