13 December Lilith Performance Studio

Which were the most memorable art experiences of 2019? Today we hear from Petter Pettersson and Elin Lundgren of Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö. 

Tori Wrånes, Lips Don’t Cry, performance at the opening of The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics at Garage Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow

It’s always such a pleasure to see the work of Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes. She has this unique ability of being able to articulate exclusion and saga in the same sentence.

Sun & Sea: Marina, Lithuanian Pavillion, The 58th Venice Biennale

A fantastic work in an otherwise underwhelming biennial. We’re obviously exited that the Golden Lion went to a large-scale performance piece again, after Anne Imhof won in 2017. This seems promising for the future.

Monster Chetwynd, Hybrid Creatures (Snake, Spider, Bat, Crocodile),The 16th Istanbul Biennial

The British artist Monster Chetwynd’s powerful aesthetic is direct and playful. Punk to the core and impossible to escape. And why would you? It hits you in the gut.

Artists Petter Petterson and Elin Lundgren run Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö. They’re currently working on two new pieces for 2020, one by the Danish artist Henrik Lund Jørgensen, and another by Lina Lapelyte, who is part of the Lithuanian artist group behind Sun & Sea.